An Introduction

This is the post excerpt.


Alright, so just to get the basics about myself out of the way. My full name is Brennan Kyle Praseut, i prefer to go by Kyle because I’ve always felt like my first name sounds just a bit too old for me. I am a computer engineering major with a cognitive science minor. I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, but almost on a yearly basis me and my family would move to another state. In total I’ve attended fifteen different schools, all of which helped widen my perspective on life and all in all it had made me a better person to have had the chance to experience the constant shift in cultures that came with the constant traveling. I’m a pretty goofy person but i have a bad case of RBF.

So on to the questions:

Why did i take this class? 

I chose this class not only because of it being a requirement for my minor ( Cognitive science) but because i have always had a fascination with human behavior and how a persons experiences shape them and their decisions.

What background do i have in Psychology?

Professionally? Next to none. I have not had any prior classes related to this subject. Personally? I enjoy reading books that deal with/assess human psychology and behavior.

What do i think of when i hear the word Psychology?

That really feels like a loaded question. The word reminds me of something larger than we can possible hope to understand fully. A mystery that continues to grow as we (as people) do.

What in this class looks the most/least interesting to me?


  1. Moral Development – Morality is something that varies wildly between people and understanding how that comes about is facinating
  2. Theories of Intelligence – I hope to in the future research AI and Deep Learning Algorithms and this will help me to understand those subjects better
  3. How to get Good Sleep? – Who isn’t interested in good sleep? Thats the real question here.


  1. Exam 1 – Not Exam 3
  2. Exam 2 – Not as fun looking as Exam 3
  3. Exam 4 – Exam 3 actually looks interesting

I  really hope  i don’t bomb exam 3 now….  by the end of this class i know how advances in technology have affected our social behavior and decision making.


One thought on “An Introduction”

  1. Welcome Kyle. AI is a fascinating topic and we will be talking about how technology has affected what we know about psychology at several points in the semester. In particular, the way we’re able to understand the brain today is a direct result of improved neuroimaging technology over the last 40 or so years. Cognitive psychology was also greatly connected to the development of computers, as what we learned how to program and store files in computers helped us understand human memory. I hope Exam 3 is as wonderful as you predict.


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