Legalize the Leaf

With the rise in popularity of marijuana, both in recreational use & in the medical field, so has the question of whether or not to legalize the controversial plant. Each individual may have a difference in opinions, of which would be built on their own personal experiences.

On that note: My personal opinion is that medicinally, marijuana should be absolutely legal across the united states. Although for recreational use marijuana should at least be somewhat of a restricted substance.

Marijuana has proven to have many positive physical and psychological benefits to those who need it most (i.e. Cancer patients or those with severe anxiety). If assigned by prescription it could at least be somewhat restricted in who uses the substance. Although if is not impossible for someone to pass on or sell their prescription to others, but this should not prevent the legalization of marijuana, because on that logic medicine like Adderall should be banned.

Yet in my opinion, regardless of if the substance is harmful or not, it should have an age limit. Such as alcohol does, i feel that marijuana should have a similar age gate ranging from twenty to twenty four. By legalizing marijuana we can profit from it not only economically but socially. Think back to the prohibition, a rising in crime was directly correlated to keeping a substance from the public. It would not be completely wrong to correlate this back to marijuana. Regardless it is important to note that marijuana is not alcohol, nor is it cigarettes, we cannot handle marijuana the same way we do those substances.

The thing about people is that “If there is a will” they “will find a way”, it is impossible to completely control people. If the public wants something, you can only hinder them, not stop them. Just like with alcohol it can and will be bought for those who cannot buy it themselves, but at least the money spend can be circulated within our economy instead of changing hands between customers and dealers. It is an untapped market with insanely high demand (Have you ever tried to find a dealer? Its not that hard to find one and its easy to make money selling too).  Overall i feel it is in America’s best interest to legalize marijuana.


2 thoughts on “Legalize the Leaf”

  1. I agree with you that it should be legal for recreational use ,but in a controlled manor. It will boost the economy significantly just like alcohol did. Also it does have man have a big health benefit for cancer. I had multiple people in my family with cancer and its a tragic illness, so anything that helps it should be legal to them. Another good point that you had was about the age limit. I know older people will buy it for minors ,but it will still decrease the use of minors. I think they should control how much you can buy per week/month from the dispensary. I do although disagree about alcohol and weed being different when it come to releasing it to the public. Weed has a lot less deaths than alcohol, but yet alchohol is legal. Overall I agree that you think it should be legal for all purposes.


  2. I agree with you; marijuana should be legal. I honestly think that marijuana is less harmful than some legal substances in the United states such as alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol and cigarettes are very toxic for your body. Alcohol is so toxic that it starts shutting down parts of your body when it’s been exposed to too much of the substance. I have never witnessed anyone having to go to the hospital solely for smoking marijuana. Although marijuana isn’t as dangerous as other drugs it is in its own category of drug, so it should be handled with care. It is not considered a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen because it has overlapping components from all categories. That being said, I think marijuana should have restriction laws just like alcohol, you should only smoke once you’re 21 or older. Marijuana can damage brain cells so smoking at the age of eighteen could affect your brain more than a person that is twenty-one. According to, there are roughly 4 million people that smoke in the United States illegally. If marijuana was legalized, I believe an even higher percentage of the population would participate. Legalizing marijuana would be very profitable to the United States economy. People are already using it, so they might as well legalize it.


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