Reading Faces: Social Cue’s

Earlier in my freshman year i took a test, this test was the STRENGTHS test. After finishing this test i was assessed to have Empathy as one of my STRENGTHS. After taking this new test i found myself to be moderately successful, as i scored a 17/20. It seems that the STRENGTHS test was at least somewhat accurate in its predictions of my abilities. Although i found the test to be a bit unreliable as a lot of the facial expressions can be confused for other things. I also did not appreciate the abstract concepts that they expected me to recognize such as politeness. Seriously? A majority of the time when in real life it is much easier to assess a persons emotional or psychological state based on the context of the situation.

The context of a situation is key to differentiating more complex emotions between the simpler, happy, sad, angry. Going forward in life i feel like this information would be useful whenever we are in awkward or difficult situations and this knowledge would help us better gauge the state of the situation that we are in.


One thought on “Reading Faces: Social Cue’s”

  1. You are enirely right in that the situation you are in will guide you in reading someone’s face, but I’m glad you were still successfull despite this hinderance. I think the point of this test, however, might have been to try and show you how difficult it could be to tell the difference between certain emotions, especially when they’re closely related. Considering that there are only six facial expressions that are universally recognizable, this test exemplifies the little intricacies that are found in the others. But I do agree with you that real life adds context that this test definitely did not. I think showing small videos would have helped be more realistic.


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