Kyle’s Johari Window

While going through the process of this Johari window assignment, i was hesitant about what traits i would select to describe myself. After taking the time to select traits, i sent it out to a few of my group chats to get people to help me out. It was extremely interesting to see a live response of what people thought would apply to me.  Although it helped me to construct a solid profile of how others happen to perceive me.

For myself i chose traits that i know apply to me but a few i know that i do not exhibit to others. Such as self consciousness, while i also had chosen friendly and extroverted because while i am self conscious i do not let it hold me back. As i predicted no one as of the time of writing had chosen this trait to apply to me. The top ones that ended up being chosen were friendly, silly, energetic & spontaneous . I can certainly see how others would apply these to me because of my outward actions. Though there were some outliers that i knew would answer responses like quiet and warm. I think this is not necessarily the best way to gauge ones personality because it only takes the information the others perceive and that information is also influenced by how well those people know you. If anything it is more of a public image survey.

I learned a great deal about how my friends and those around me perceive my actions and who i am. It also fed a bit into my ego and was nice to see that some people saw me as trustworthy and other positive traits. It was an interesting experiment that helped me learn about myself and my friends and because of that i am glad i took the time to put this survey out there for them to use.


If you would like to my window you can do so here:



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