Motivation, Where did you go?

I originally chose to attend Etown based solely on the desire to get out of Mississippi. I wanted to be as far away from home as possible. Luckily for me i was offered a large enough scholarship that it made it possible to attend. Although the more time i spend here the more i feel at home. My fellow students here at Etown, new and old, never fail to have a friendly demeanor the first time they meet you. The teachers here i have met are always willing to have a small chat if you feel you can approach them which i feel promotes a healthy learning environment. Overall the sense of community here at Etown has fostered a desired to stay strong than the desire to attend here was originally.

Honestly, this semester i have been slacking pretty hard and I’m still adjusting to find my own rhythm when it comes to studying. When it comes to my own responsibilities i tend to be very lax and unmotivated, convinced that i can do whatever comes my way without any effort put in before hand. I feel this is because during high school i failed to develop healthy study habits and preparation tactics. This has come to plague my performance in school because i know if i actually ever put the effort in i could do so much better than i am currently.

Yet i digress, as i have slowly but steadily made improvements in my performance as the semesters pass. Luckily for me i have a plan going forward already for improving myself and my reliability in classes. I often miss due dates and fail to maintain any reliability or study, yet this semester as i am taking Japanese i have the hiragana and katakana charts posted above my desk and therefore my desktop PC. I feel because this piece of study material was and remains to be ever present in both my work-space and my gaming space i was more easily able to learn and reference it casually. Every time i look up from my computer monitor there it is hanging reminding me of my class work, this is why i plan to replace it next semester with a calendar that will mark what i will accomplish on a daily basis. Through this i will not be able to make excuses for myself and ignore the problems that crop up during the school year. I am very confident that this will improve my work ethic and am excited to implement it into my work space.



One thought on “Motivation, Where did you go?”

  1. Being self-aware of your level of timelieness is a great step in the right direction of getting on track with your school work. When you are in the habit throughout schooling, it is definitely hard to break when you are in college. Any improvements are huge milestones! Having reminders above a place where you frequent, such as your desk, is a great idea and huge influence in you remembering your work and actually wanting to it. I know for myself personally, I never got more work done than when I put a whiteboard in front of my desk and wrote down everything I had to do that week. It was not only a constant reminder to get in action, but it gave me something to work towards (crossing things off a checklist is super satisfying). I think putting up a calendar will be a great addition and definitely help you be more productive!


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